New Year, New Challenges with H&M Bay celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary

This year, H&M Bay will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Although the company is certainly proud of where they started, what excites them more is where they are going and solving the challenges they face.

Most notably, since the start of the pandemic, the supply chain industry has taken a hit. It is not just an issue that they face, but affects everyone in the industry, and also impacts every single consumer in America. 

“The past two years have been the most challenging years we have ever had. After a lot of hard work, we have found ways to continue to serve their customers,” said Walt Messick III, Chief Operating Officer of H&M Bay.

Moreover, while they did have an online presence, it was not to the magnitude it is today, and they have since adapted to a more online business environment which included an updated website, digitized forms, expanded cybersecurity measures, an elevated extranet offering for their customers as well as an adjustment to their traditional sales approach.

“Recruiting and retaining talent in warehouses and transportation companies is one of the biggest challenges the industry is facing,” said Matthew Ott, president, and CEO of the Global Cold Chain Association

In the early 1980s, Walter Messick and Lawrence Hayman founded H&M Transport, a small transportation brokerage company built on the guiding principles of hard work and customer satisfaction. Almost four decades later, these principles continue to thrive at H&M Bay as they stay true to this mission.

H&M Bay’s operation runs with the understanding that there’s no margin for error when it comes to perishables, operational excellence, or superior customer service.

Every interaction and step in their meticulous process matters and impacts the 20 million pounds of commodities and over seven thousand shipments they dutifully deliver across America each week through their LTL cold storage, consolidation centers, and pick-up areas providing regional pick-up and nationwide delivery. The company takes great pride in their national footprint with 9 locations across America.

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