Top-Notch Cargo Facilities at New York’s JFK International Airport

On Feb. 1, 2022, Prime Fresh Handling opened the doors at its new and improved operations base at 101 West End Ave., Inwood, New York 11096 – now within an even faster and easy drive to and from JFK’s Air Cargo Center.

Here at one of the fastest growing and successful station operations in the Prime Group system, PFH provides all aspects of air and ground logistics and handling for multiple types of cargo – with a heavy focus on temperature-sensitive perishables such as vaccines, fresh cut flowers and produce, and fresh and frozen fish.

“The enhanced facility with added space, a loading dock, and three additional overhead doors will undoubtedly allow us to better serve our customers in the New York/Tri-State area, as well as all across New England and Northeastern Canada,” says General Manager-East Coast Alex Paredes.

Prime Group has maintained a New York presence since 2013, however, it launched an all-out commercial push to expand of the perishables side of the business in 2016 with the introduction of the initial cooler at the original warehouse. The JFK operation has growing exponentially, today serving as a primary gateway in Prime Group’s global cold-chain infrastructure.

The 15-member New York team now consists of six office employees, three drivers, two full-time warehouse helpers, and three additional part-time helpers, and of course Alex.

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