In conversation with Matilda Bouchet, Managing Director, Head of Cargo at Nexxiot

Matilda Bouchet, the Managing Director, Head of Cargo Monitoring at Nexxiot, is internationally oriented and successfully developing and growing accounts in new markets. With more than 20 years of experience with business development in global companies across retail, media, finance, and tech she gained advanced expertise serving as a champion for change at all organizational levels. Matilda Bouchet is a strong advocate of growth which is driven by technology and optimization.

What products or services does your company offer?

Nexxiot provides shippers, cargo owners, and supply chain facilitators with critical asset and cargo data across all stages of the cargo’s journey. This brings trust, accountability, and process efficiency to all major stakeholders in the supply chain. The service includes revolutionary hardware devices, software, and Big Data analytics to create context and transparency around cargo movements, handling activities, cargo conditions, quality, security, and provenance of goods.

Until now, shippers and cargo stakeholders have had little to no visibility to their goods in transit. Nexxiot’s new Cargo Monitor seeks to completely shift the paradigm by providing end-to-end visibility and critical data in a rugged, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy package.

What sectors do your customers operate in?

Our clients operate in diverse sectors such as food, chemicals, retail, manufacturing, commodity trade, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods and electronics.

The NexxiotCargo Monitor is used to monitor the transportation of high-value and sensitive products, including perishables, conditions-sensitive industrial products, self-heating substances, sensitive chemicals as well as pharmaceuticals, textiles, consumer electronics, luxury commodities,and household appliances.

The device is placed inside the container to provide essential data on temperature, humidity, light, movement events and other parameters to ensure the product quality of the cargo.

What are your most recent product innovations?

We have pushed the hardware design to new levels previously unseen in the sector. Part of that involves a unique antenna inside of the device, which vastly optimizes the connectivity. This is complimented by a radical approach to power management that ensures the continual transmission of essential data by the device to the Nexxiot Connect Cloud for long periods of time, and even in the most challenging conditions.

The crucial innovations involve the data on the platform side. Nexxiot’s unique algorithms add huge value to stakeholders who need hard facts, context and transparency on third parties as well as cargo handling for immediate intervention, improved processes or insurance cases regardless of the goods’ where abouts.

What are your plans to grow the business in 2022?

Nexxiot is expanding rapidly in 2022. Major new clients rolling out significant numbers of devices onto assets and new as well as existing partners using the Nexxiot Connect Cloud to integrate and digitalize their operations. The Nexxiot technology ecosystem is becoming richer and more capable of providing the services that meet clients’ needs.

The current focus is on bringing new data driven products and services online, scaling the teams and continuing to invest in R&D across hardware, software, and analytics to deliver unique new value to clients, their partners and service providers.

What are the major trends and developments affecting your category and your customers, and how are you responding?

The past few years have highlighted the need for greater transparency and accountability in the cold chain and across sensitive supply chains in general. There is rising insecurity around the movement of valuable and vulnerable goods due to recent events like the pandemic, tensions in the EU and trade with the East. Better, more affordable, and easier to use technology is now in high demand.

Our clients need to demonstrate their commitment to quality, reduce waste, improve their sustainability performance, and create trust in their markets. We support them by creating the visibility they need which comes directly from the asset and the cargo itself. This prime data is reliable and of sufficient quality to create the levels of trust they and their clients need.

With innovations such as the KYC (Know Your Cargo) capability, which Nexxiot is currently developing, clients can demonstrate their compliance to trade regulations and quality standards more comprehensively than previously possible.

Could you please share your views on Temperature Controlled Logistics Sector for our readers?

Temperature controlled Logistics is essential for achieving anything from public health goals, maintaining a reliable nutrition around the world and realizing economic growth. Making sure that the cargo arrives within the expected temperatures and conditions for that specific type of produce/goods is vital to fight spoilage and waste.

The lack of cold storage and refrigerated transport in the medical sector alone contributes to 1.5 million vaccine-preventable deaths among children, every year. Roughly half of the annual global food production is wasted.With the help of innovative technology,we can facilitate visibility, ultimately strengthening trust in cold chains and enabling quick intervention to keep waste of precious goods to a minimum.

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