Thermo King and Walmart partnership make the big stage with battery-electric refrigerated trailer

Thermo King was honored to be part of the 2022 UP. Summit where next generation vehicles, interactive technology, demonstrations, and breathtaking flyovers were featured by some of the world’s most dynamic thinkers, doers and investors representing all facets of mobility and the future of transportation.

The invitation-only event attracts the CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies and founders of the most inspiring start-ups, and they were all gathered at the fifth-annual event with the shared objective of ‘Transforming the Moving World.’ And Thermo King was there!

Zero-Emission Transportation

Several representatives from Thermo King Americas were the guests of Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, who is partnering with the company’s innovation expertise to help move its zero-emissions transportation strategy forward. The collaboration is also instrumental to Thermoking’s own sustainability commitments and goals to lead electrification transformation within the refrigerated transport industry.

First-ever customer trial of a refrigerated trailer operated on battery electricity in the U.S.

Thermo King worked with Walmart for its first-ever trial of a refrigerated trailer operated on battery electricity in the U.S. late last year. During the two-month trial, Walmart ran 18 routes hauling groceries between its distribution center in Shafter, California, and stores in the surrounding areas with exciting results. This included running on electricity 83% throughout the pilot and collecting valuable data that will enable further development of the technology and ultimately, move the refrigerated industry forward.

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