How a Swedish juice producer prevents food waste

How to tackle food waste efficiently is shown by Swedish company RSCUED. With innovative GEA technology, they transform tons of surplus fruit and vegetables into premium juice every day.

How a Swedish juice producer prevents food waste with GEA technology

According to a WWF study, 42 percent of all cultivated fruits and vegetables worldwide are thrown away every year – even though they are eminently suitable for further processing.

The Swedish company RSCUED wants to change this and has appointed itself fruit rescuers. Their business concept is as sustainable as it is unconventional and requires a special solution. This has now been delivered to them by the technology group GEA.

With the innovative vacuum juicer GEA vaculiq, RSCUED can produce high-quality juices in the shortest possible time from raw materials that would otherwise have fallen victim to waste. The icing on the cake: the waste from production is also recycled into valuable fertilizer.

GEA vaculiq with its vacuum spiral filter delivers the desired flexibility in full measure: The system processes a ton of fruit or vegetables within about twenty minutes and cleaning the system between productions takes just five minutes. Different varieties can thus be turned into high-quality juice in quick succession.

And it does so with maximum yield: in the first test phase, RSCUED was able to produce twice as much juice compared to its previously used press. With a capacity of up to 1,800 liters per hour, RSCUED is now able to easily increase its production in the future through GEA vaculiq and is also capable of receiving goods – besides Sweden – from all over Northern Europe.

All’s well that ends well

And so the circle closes for GEA and RSCUED: The dry mash discharged by the vaculiq plant, together with remaining rejects, is ideally suited as a basis for fertilizer – which, as is well known, promotes the growth of new fruits and vegetables. This fertilizer is finally distributed through a large garden center chain in Sweden.

“When we founded RSCUED as a start-up seven years ago, we had the vision to stop the waste madness. Together with GEA, we have now been able to realize this on a higher level. With the new GEA vaculiq 100 vacuum juicer and the multiCrush milling system from GEA, we are very well positioned and can develop our production excellently”, says Truls Christenson. “And the faster, more flexible and more productive we are at RSCUED – the more we contribute to sustainability for a healthier planet.”

RSCUED was founded in Helsingborg in 2015 as a start-up. The company employs around 15 staff members and expects revenues of EUR 3,2 million in 2022. The company’s purpose is to rescue all kind of fruit and vegetables which would otherwise be wasted. RSCUED receives the fruit and vegetables sorted out for regular trade via donations from wholesalers, supermarkets, farms and delivery services from Sweden as well as Northern Europe. The products are sold via their webshop as well as in selected grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants and in Sweden.

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