Framework of Pharmaceutical Global and Domestic Distribution in Indian Context

Ideally, gone should be the days, when the temperature control pharmaceuticals products are taken out from the freezers and thrown in a cardboard box along with a few frozen/refrigerated gel packs and distributed…but have these days really gone or are pharmaceutical companies still following the same practices? Before going into the current practices being used, […]

Ensuring That Patients are Put First in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The pharmaceutical supply chain is burdened with great weight and responsibility. Medications and supplies must be transported carefully, often within a specific temperature range, while also fulfilling regulatory requirements and satisfying the demands of patients and their providers—which can vary from country to country. Not to mention infrastructure challenges with cold storage or unanticipated delays. […]

Controlant and Envirotainer collaboration to strengthen the pharma cold chain

Controlant and Envirotainer are working together to offer pharma customers state-of-the-art cryo -70°C dry ice shipping with real-time, automated monitoring.  
The collaboration focuses on combining Envirotainer’s revolutionary new -70°C dry ice platform, CryoSure®, with Controlant’s IoT solution, to protect sensitive pharmaceuticals during transport, while optimizing processes and reducing waste.  

Real-time visibility 

With Controlant’s integrated platform, pharma customers gain real-time visibility and get access to data through the Envirotainer Portal, enabling them to get valuable insights at any point during their shipment. This makes it possible to act on information in real time to ensure quality, mitigate risks, and prevent waste.

Towards zero waste  

Envirotainer and Controlant share the vision of a sustainable supply chain, and this collaboration is one step towards net zero emissions. The CryoSure® dewar is reusable, as are the IoT devices that enable Controlant’s platform, so the business model is circular.

Active, cloud-based live monitoring provides visibility over product conditions in real time, allowing for proactive measures to reduce loss and waste of products. A lightweight, reusable shipping solution in combination with reusable real-time IoT devices is an ideal combination for waste reduction and a sustainable product offering. The ease of use and Envirotainer’s superior logistics and station network are additional factors for efficiency and a sustainable supply chain.  

Seminar on ‘Future of Refrigeration in Dairy Sector’ at Refcold India 2022

At the recent Refcold 2022, Danfoss India presented futuristic solutions for the Indian dairy sector with an aim to transform India’s dairy sector as the world’s largest sustainable dairy production player. Through the Seminar “Future of Refrigeration in Dairy Sector”, Danfoss, Amul & ISHRAE apprised stakeholders about the current challenges and need for faster adoption […]

Sonoco Thermosafe expand its Orion Rental Packaging Program in UK

Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco, the provider of temperature assurance cold chain packaging, is expanding its Orion Rental packaging program in the United Kingdom as the need for sustainable packaging grows for temperature sensitive medicinal products. The Orion reusable rental packaging program offers healthcare companies in the UK an environmentally friendly, local option to […]

Carrier Transicold’s Berlin Service Center relocated to Modern, New Facility

Germany- Carrier Transicold has relocated its service, assembly and repair base in Brandenburg from Grünheide to Wildau. Carrier Transicold customers now have access to state-of-the-art facilities and expert BluEdge services at the larger, newly built service center with convenient access to the A10 motorway. The city of Wildau is located southeast of Berlin in the Dahme-Spreewald […]

Intelsius’ U.S. Operations are Expanding

Intelsius’ U.S. operations are expanding. Due to increased demand across North America for Intelsius sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging, Intelsius’ U.S. operations are expanding, allowing them to better meet your packaging needs anywhere across the United States and Canada. Moving from the existing 13,000sq/ft installation to a new 54,000sq/ft installation just outside Indianapolis, IN, the […]

Lineage Logistics expanded its European network with the opening of Cool Port II Facility in Rotterdam

On November 23, 2022 – Lineage Logistics, officially opened its fully-automated Cool Port II cold storage facility in the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, adding a key European port location to Lineage’s global network of best-in-class cold storage facilities. The state-of-the-art, fully automated multi-customer facility is the only cold store in Rotterdam connected with Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals, […]