Intelsius’ U.S. Operations are Expanding

Intelsius’ U.S. operations are expanding. Due to increased demand across North America for Intelsius sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging, Intelsius’ U.S. operations are expanding, allowing them to better meet your packaging needs anywhere across the United States and Canada.

Moving from the existing 13,000sq/ft installation to a new 54,000sq/ft installation just outside Indianapolis, IN, the new Intelsius U.S. site allows for vastly increased stock holding capabilities, meaning they can better meet their sample transport and temperature-controlled packaging needs wherever they occur, anywhere in the North American market.

Minutes from Indianapolis airport, and located on the same site as FedEx’s second largest hub in the U.S., the site opens up new and exciting possibilities for Intelsius U.S. to continue their growth, securing their place as a key packaging partner in the North American market.

Intelsius U.S. General Manager, Carl Rugenstein

Intelsius U.S. General Manager, Carl Rugenstein explains the key benefits of the new site and the impact this will have on the customer: ‘We’re all excited to make this move; not only does almost quadrupling in size allow us to grow and meet customer demand whether you’re renting or buying, but the location itself places us in a key logistics hub, giving us access to every corner of the North American market. We’ve never been better placed to meet our customer’s requirements, and we’re excited to see what the future holds.’

Intelsius U.S. Launches New Website too

The company has made some important changes to the Intelsius U.S. website.

They’ve made these changes to make navigating their site easier for their customers and to create a more seamless web experience for customers across their different websites. With this latest re-design, their U.S. site will more closely reflect the user experience found on their U.K. and German websites.

The homepage has seen the biggest change. They’ve chosen a new design that matches their U.K. and German sites to give customers a more consistent experience when searching Intelsius websites. Beneath this menu redesign, added content and new appearance, you can find all the same Intelsius products and services, with the same team responding to queries and purchases.

The new Offices and Distributors page enables you to quickly locate their global offices and distributors, found on every continent. Simply hover over the map or scroll down the page to see full address and contact details.

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