Sonoco Thermosafe expand its Orion Rental Packaging Program in UK

Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco, the provider of temperature assurance cold chain packaging, is expanding its Orion Rental packaging program in the United Kingdom as the need for sustainable packaging grows for temperature sensitive medicinal products.

The Orion reusable rental packaging program offers healthcare companies in the UK an environmentally friendly, local option to transport temperature-critical healthcare products including a growing number of biologics, vaccines and clinical supplies.

The London Orion rental station will perform reclamation, cleaning, and refurbishment processes necessary to return Orion boxes back into circulation in ‘like new’ quality condition, suitable for healthcare products. The temperature assurance boxes are then preconditioned and delivered Just-in-Time (JIT) to the pharmaceutical company for them to ship products to their customers, typically clinical sites, healthcare/distribution facilities, and now directly to patients.

Sonoco ThermoSafe’s UK has long-standing relationships with 3rd party logistics providers and freight forwarders in the UK that have driven the need for regional access to reusable packaging.  

“We’re excited to meet our local and regional customer’s requests for more sustainable packaging solutions in the UK and Europe. The Orion rental program is now available in the domestic market and the open station can scale to meet anticipated demand”, says Gary Morgan, General Manager, Sonoco ThermoSafe Europe.  

“Additionally, this station will serve as a global return location for receiving rental boxes shipped by customers from other countries.  Rental customers will benefit by having more return options in the network as we continue to expand to meet customer’s needs.”, says Andrew Heholt, Director of Business Development and Orion Product Manager.

The London Orion rental station is situated at Sonoco ThermoSafe’s Tring facility in Hertfordshire. This location has been established since 1975, specializing in the design, test, manufacture and qualification of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, used by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries globally. Tring is an ideal location close to pharmaceutical company clusters and close to Heathrow, a pharma cargo gateway bridging the UK to Europe and North America.

Learn more about the Orion Rental Program by visiting   The Orion program is currently available in the United States (coast to coast) and western Europe.

Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco, is one of the largest global providers of temperature assurance packaging for the safe and efficient transport of pharmaceuticals, biologics, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products. With operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Sonoco ThermoSafe has a vast product offering featuring industry-leading technology that encompasses refrigerated, frozen or controlled room temperature applications.

Founded in 1899, Sonoco is a global provider of consumer, industrial, healthcare and protective packaging. With net sales of approximately $5.6 billion in 2021, the Company has approximately 22,000 employees working in more than 300 operations in 32 countries. 

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