Bengaluru based Bobba Group opens 75000 square-foot tech enabled warehouse

Bengaluru: The Bobba Group has opened its new tech-enabled warehouse facility at Bengaluru’s Sonnappanahalli. The newly launched warehouse has a state-of-the-art facility with temperature monitoring technology.

It has a complete provision to manage end-to-end supply chain needs, including newer strategies like micro-fulfillment.

The 75,000-square-foot warehouse also has a cold zone with a 452-pallet capacity, 8 docking stations, and a remote monitoring system.

Bobba group has been a pioneer in aviation, airport cargo, and ground handling services for more than three decades. Over 500 staff are managing air cargo terminals and providing ground and ramp handling services.

“The opening of our new warehouse is a significant milestone for the Bobba group. The Bobba Logistics warehouse is a tech-enabled facility that will help companies reduce their transportation costs and improve their delivery time. Our warehouse is strategically located near the city center to ensure quick deliveries to multiple locations,” said VS Bobba, Managing Director, Bobba Group.

“We have been in this industry for 30 years and have always been known for the best service. It’s now time for smaller warehouses to become big opportunities. And that is exactly what we aim to achieve with our new third-party micro warehouse,” Durga Bobba, Director, of Bobba Group added.

The new warehouse will serve several industries including e-commerce. It will also offer first-mile, last-mile, and hyperlocal deliveries.

“We are thrilled to open the Bobba Logistics warehouse facility in Bangalore. This is a new inning for the Bobba Group. We have built the facility to serve a number of industries, including e-commerce. Depending on the needs of the client, we offer first-mile, last-mile, and hyperlocal deliveries. Our next course of action is to expand into other Southern states, provide more employment, and contribute to the growth of the economy,” Chandrakala Bobba, Director, of Bobba Group said.

Balajee Bobba, Director, of Bobba Group said “The launch of our warehouse also marks the launch of the first-ever cold chain set up in North Bangalore. The Bobba Logistics cold zone has a 452-pallet capacity. It is a robust cold chain management solution, complete with packaging and processing technology & value-added services. This warehouse facility can be used as a distribution center as it is located closer to the market. It will be a boon as this facility will allow both fast pick-up and faster delivery.”

About Bobba Group- With a presence of over 30 years, and a team of over 500 personnel, Bobba Group has interests in aviation, airport cargo terminal handling, ground ramp and passenger handling, warehousing and logistics.

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