Innovations in the Cold Chain Solutions Sector

Cold Chain is rising as one of the emerging industries that can really contribute to the massive growth of Indian economy. While the industry has been there for some time, due to its niche category, it hasn’t been able to […]

Necessary Requirements for Refrigerated Transportation Business

Necessary requirements to start your refrigerated transportation business. Here is the list- A truck which can be of small, medium or large size based on your need Carrier facility equipped with refrigerated box where the commodity will be stored Refrigerator […]

Transforming Cold Chain Distribution in Developing Countries

In an edited extract from its latest white paper, Passive vs. Active Systems in a globally disrupted age, Tower Cold Chain explores the challenges involved in the transportation of pharmaceuticals into developing nations. As pharmaceutical supply chains become far more […]

Solutions For Future US Food Supply Chain Disruptions

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the US food supply chain in a manner that the US has never seen before. With consumers turning away from restaurants and heading to grocery stores and food banks, the result has been empty shelves […]

Packaging Solutions for Transportation of Pharmaceutical Products

According to WHO, 25% of the vaccines found ineffective when reaches their final destination due to the uncontrolled temperature. 30% of scrapped pharmaceuticals can be attributed to logistics issues alone. 20% of temp-sensitive products are damaged during transport due to […]

Choose Insulated Panel Materials for Cold Store

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted consumer spending habits so much, e-commerce business jumped 32% that year alone, accelerating economic growth by nearly two years. A similar trend is happening in the food-storage warehouse sector; according to Emergen Research, the cold-storage construction market is expected to grow to […]

Broad approaches to Automation integration into Cold Chain

Automation is Not One Size Fits All– Not all automated warehouses are built the same. Understanding your customers’ needs and organizational outcomes are essential to adding the right amount and types of automation to your facility. Fundamentally, there are three […]

Airport’s cold space: a Crystal project

Procurement  Team Crystal’s idea of creating a cold storage infrastructure amidst the airport without any civil construction and cost came into light not long after the global pandemic started, when the company were approached by the Hyderabad Airport officials. After multiple […]

Time to Transition to Low-GWP Refrigerants

By Casey Sky Noon, Business Development Coordinator for CoolSys Energy Design With quickly accelerating fears of the global impact of climate change, national and international legislation aims to replace the use of synthetic refrigerants with natural ones such as carbon […]

Seamless solutions for cold chain and modular Cold Storage

Globally, India is one of the key producers of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat and marine products – all of them need cold solutions for preservation. The economic situation indicators in India show, there is a growing demand to […]

Starting a Cold Chain Business for Beginners

What is Cold Chain? The cold chain refers to managing the temperature of perishable products food (vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood, dairy products), Flowers and plants, Bio-pharmaceutical products under controlled conditions for longer periods. A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. It’s a […]

Good Practices and Vaccine Storage and Distribution

Good practices, cold chain, vaccines – the most talked about terms in recent times. While being from the industry, these are the words we work with, eat with and sleep with but never were these terms as common as these […]

CO2/NH3 Cascade Industrial Refrigeration Systems

While striving to support cost effective( both initial & operating) and energy efficient ecofriendly green refrigeration systems, it is time we adopt the attitude of Can-Do credo by switching from traditional two-stage compound ammonia refrigeration system to hyper cascade system. […]

Best Practices for Managing Cold Chain Problems

In current time, cold chain management has become a progressive complex process, this is because of the increasing demand in Food, Medical and Pharmaceuticals divisions and their stringent regulatory requirements. The shift in consumer preferences has increased the demand for […]

Key Topics to cover in Training for Cold Chain Development

Cold Chain training programs can be complex and require a wide array of topical content, especially in today’s fast-moving global business environment. In many regions or sites where adequate infrastructure is available, overall knowledge of proper cold chain practices, maintenance […]

Envelope Design’s Importance for Energy Savings in Cold Store

Envelope Design The envelope design for the refrigerated sections of a facility serve an important role. These envelopes reduce heat transfer and control moisture infiltration and condensation. Heat transfer through refrigerated space walls and the outside ambient environment creates a […]

Potential of Cold Chain Storage Segment in India

By Vikram S. Puri, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Rotarian with multiple technology patents and 34+years of Supply Chain Experience. Cold Storage Facilities play an important role in improvement of shelf life of the products, and it also helps reduce wastage. Increased […]

Natural Refrigerants: How to achieve efficient systems?

A new white paper examines the theory behind natural refrigerants and the technologies available to optimise energy savings Natural refrigerants are considered a sustainable solution as they have a minimal effect on the environment, with technologies that have evolved over […]

Meeting the Challenge of Covid Vaccine Distribution for India

By Vikram S. Puri, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Rotarian with multiple technology patents and 34+years of Supply Chain Experience. The logistical challenge of distributing vaccines and getting billions of people vaccinated over the coming months and years seems arguably the most […]

Indian Logistics and Supply Chain Trends 2021

By: Mr. Aditya Vazirani, CEO – Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions The pandemic and the lockdown that lasted for major part of 2020, proved to be testing times for various businesses including the logistics and supply chain sector of India which […]

Plug in.. Login… Relax

Supply Chains are tough businesses to be in; it takes a lot of effort and time to get things right and accurate. From managing fleets to getting the delivery just right is a difficult task with issues and problems coming […]

5-point strategy against Corona

GROUP7 Managing Director Günther Jocher presents strategy at German Logistics Congress How to deal with the rising COVID-19 numbers and the immediate effects on employees, supply chain and turnover calculations? At this year’s German Logistics Congress, Günther Jocher, Managing Director […]

Cold Storage: Delivering on customers’ needs

Maersk is ticking all the right boxes with a state-of-the-art cold storage facility near Chennai for its customers with the requirements of import and export of perishable goods Over the last few years, Maersk has embarked on the journey of […]

Benefits of Anhydrous Ammonia in Refrigeration Systems

BY MANUCHEHR MEHDIZADEH, BSME LIFE TIME MEMBER ASHRAE, COMMITTEE OFFICER @ IIR, REFRIGERATION CHAIR @ ASHRAE HOUSTON CHAPTER Ammonia Refrigeration Basics Refrigeration systems use basic physics to transfer heat energy out of one area and into another, leaving the first […]

Keeping your Products safe in Cold Chain

By Vikram S. Puri, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Rotarian with multiple technology patents and 34+years of Supply Chain Experience Don’t you hate it when your ice-cream turns to milkshake by the time it arrives at your doorstep? Well, Fleetview is here […]

Basics on Air Conditioning VRS Refrigeration

BY MANUCHEHR MEHDIZADEH, BSME LIFE TIME MEMBER ASHRAE, COMMITTEE OFFICER @ IIR, REFRIGERATION CHAIR @ ASHRAE HOUSTON CHAPTER Before I discuss the impact of refrigeration (or cold chain) industries in our daily lives, it is imperative that we briefly discuss […]

Hot Chocolate in your Cold Chain?

Cold Chain Fever – 2 Transporting ice-cream and chocolates, both very high value-for-weight products has always been challenging. The smallest deviation in temperature during storage or transport alters the flavour, texture, feel and shape and directly impacts the sellability of these […]

Safety1st – Back to work again

Back to work again – at-least for those of us in India who are in the transport, IT or other ‘allowed’ services. It’s been a month and we need to get our act together – more important, I need a […]

Need for Skill development for Logistics

Despite the huge growth potential and its impact on the overall economy of the country, Logistics and supply chain management in India continues to grapple with lack of a skilled workforce. While the sector has undergone a massive transformation in […]

A Brief on Food Safety

According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report of 2013, the global food wastage is estimated at 1.6 billion tons of “Primary” product which is equivalent to edible food wastage of  1.3 billion tons.  In an era where we are still faced with […]

Cold Chain Fever: Corona? Not on My Watch!

Cold Chains are likely to be the most directly impacted, emotionally affected businesses in industry – after all, we move food. Uninformed panic has already reached such proportions that prices of poultry and products have dropped to less than half […]

Incoterms® 2020 4 changes explained

As per January 2020 a new set of Incoterms® will become active. This is a set of trade terms which describe: Obligations: Who does what in f.e. organizing the carriage, insurance of goods, obtaining shipping documents, arranging for export or […]

Important Considerations for Pharma SCM

Indian pharmaceutical industry has grown very well in the last few years and is expected to maintain the growth rate for next upcoming years too. The pharma retail segment is very promising & upcoming segment and since pharma logistics is […]


Buying the right product with transporters , airlines and even ocean liners and also using the right product and following with the right product is the key to success for the Indian Pharmaceutical industry and emerge as one of the leading […]

Powering the energy starved first mile cold chain

Proper post-harvest management training combined with infrastructure can boost sectoral growth and drive the economy. With the above solution, the farmers have reliable access to cold storage services in the vicinity of their farm lands, thereby enabling them to securely […]

Modularity is a feature, not the benefit, of a design

Modularity is a feature, not the benefit, of a design.  It is what the power of modularity can provide that are the features that distinguish one set of packaging designs from another- Jerry Ferracamo, Product Development Manager, Inmark LifeScience The […]

Solar Power- The Future

By Mr. Shehab Ujjainwala, Director, Evesol Did you know that the amount of power generated by the sun in one minute is enough to meet the energy requirements of the planet for an entire year. Imagine the amount of power […]

Guidelines for digitizing your cold chain-

The main cause of food related illness is contaminated food. So it is important to manage and monitor the cold chain in a better and proactive way to reduce cold line spoilage and for better regulation..

Criteria to be considered for Data Loggers selection

By Mr. Hemant Meshram Pharmaceutical products such as Vaccine, Biologics, Drugs and other products require cold chain supply and one of the common temperature range is 2 to 8 deg. cel. To maintain the cold chain is tough job but it […]

Benefits of Phase Change Material Usage

Applications with PCMs have endless possibilities and are gaining a large momentum in organizations to integrate it into their products. It has got a large potential to overcome the existing challenges offering new products for known application and new applications […]

Cold Chain Monitoring – A Challenge

Cold Chain Monitoring – A Challenge OH YES !!! This is the inner voice that will come as soon as you read the above heading. Though, we all agree on this but are we doing enough to have addressed it. […]

Factors impacting the growth of Cold Supply Chain sector in India

By Mr. Aditya Vazirani, CEO, Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions India is currently the world’s largest producer of milk, second largest producer of fruits and vegetables and has a substantial production of seafood, meat, and poultry products – all major categories demanding a […]

Drug delivery in CTM business

Distribution of the clinical Trial Materials (CTMs), a single step but with multiple challenges which finally leads to reaching the CTMs to the final destination i.e. to the right patient at the right time! Not meeting any of the challenges […]

Major Factors which affects the speed of cold storage expansion

ELECTRICITY SUPPLY: Consumer demand for chilled and frozen foods initially depends on a cheap and reliable domestic electricity supply. Once fridges and freezers have been purchased and people have embraced such foods, power outages and rising electricity costs will not […]

Major Myths about Solar energy

The demand for renewable forms of energy is on the rise in order to lessen the effects of global warming our environment faces due to increased pollution. We are surrounded by a plethora of renewable energies, especially solar energy, which […]

Idetification of cold chain vulnerabilities

A cold chain is a supply chain in which the products moving across the supply chain are maintained in an environment that is temperature-controlled from end-to-end. A cold chain is only as strong as its “warmest” link. Many food products […]

Basic rules for using vaccine refrigerators

Always arrange vaccines and diluents so that air can circulate freely; this also makes it easier to handle the vaccines. Wherever possible, store vaccines and diluents in a refrigerator that is reserved for this purpose only. If other heat-sensitive supplies, […]

Maintenance tips for Refrigerated Trucks

Here are some maintenance tips to help pro-long the life of your refrigerated box truck: During loading & unloading, don’t keep the refrigeration unit running. Shut it down while the box truck doors are open to avoid drawing in warm, […]

5 key things to consider before building cold storage

1. Size of the storage and space Once choose the size of cold storage to match with raw materials to be stored, space for cold storage should be compatible. There should be enough spare space for installation, loading products or […]

Supply Chain education – Concerns and opportunities

Author: Mr. Manish Kumar Gupta, Founder & CEO, IndoGlobal Institute of Supply ChainManagement Most of the times the term supply chain management seems to be confusing and people may wonder what exactly supply chain management is. For many people, the […]

PEB: Trending in Cold Storage

With PEB concept, Cold storage can be exceptionally outlined and manufactured according to client and industry prerequisites, It is most appropriate from little to substantial multifacility storage system.The Cold storage can be Designed , Fabricated and Installed with keeping up […]

3 Things to Consider in Cold Storage Construction

Sept. 10, 2017 “Find companies that have completed projects that are like yours, not necessarily storing the same food as you produce, but companies that have successfully solved the issues you face” For processors, distributors, wholesalers, and suppliers, there is […]

Puf Panel: The Ultimate solution for Cold Storages

“Apart from the cold storages, there has been commendable progress seen in the international scene of cold chain transportation. Today in the developed countries, majority of the perishable products are transported through reefer vehicles only. However, recently In India also […]

Cold Storage Turns to Technology

September 22, 2017 “It isn’t every day that a new product or method comes along to improve the operations of large commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, so when something does hit the market that can radically change their business, people […]

Global Cold Chain Scenario

October 3, 2017 “Sustaining the cold chain capabilities becomes increasingly challenging as population grow and New Technologies Emerge” The cold chain market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.0%, in terms of value, from 2017 to reach a […]

Flooring Options for Cold Storage Facilities

Flooring for cold storage facilities such as dairies, laboratories, grocery stores, cafeterias or restaurants must be able to withstand cold or freezing temperatures, be easy to clean for hygiene, tolerate heavy equipment, be non-staining, non-absorbing and slip-resistant. That’s a lot […]

Refrigerants & Basic principles for selection of refrigerants

A refrigerant is a substance or mixture, usually a fluid, used in a heat pump and refrigeration cycle. In most cycles it undergoes phase transitions from a liquid to a gas and back again. Many working fluids have been used for such purposes. Fluorocarbons, especially chlorofluorocarbons, became commonplace in the 20th century, but they […]

The Refrigeration System: Core of Cold Storage

Generally, cold storage is cooled by refrigerator, using the liquid with low gasification temperature as refrigerant, making it evaporate under the condition of low pressure and mechanical control and absorb the heat in the cold storage, finally to achieve the purpose […]

Safety Precautions for Cold Storage Owners

Cold room storage is important for companies that require preservation benefits. Hiring the right employees to complete “cold room tasks” is one step closer to achieving your business goals but employers must also keep in mind the necessary safety measures […]

Successful Packaging Solutions of Perishable Food

“When it’s time for a pallet to leave the warehouse and head out to its destination, the product has to be protected from environmental impacts. With perishable goods, that means everything from temperature changes to dust to rough movement” The […]

Data Logger’s importance

For temperature monitoring of perishable food and beverage products such as meat and milk, wireless data loggers can be deployed alongside these enclosures or next to exposed access points whose reliability is a concern.  Safeguarding your wireless Access points in […]

Insulated Panels: An Energy Efficient Solution for Cold Storages

December 19, 2017 “Due to various advantages associated with this new trend of energy efficient Roofing & Cladding system more innovations are anticipated in future and there will be an immense move of Industry in due course of time”– Mr. Gaurav […]

Air Transportation of Perishables- A Growing Segment

December 22, 2017 A large and growing segment of the air cargo market is temperature-sensitive cargo, such as pharmaceuticals, fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. Transportation of perishable food by air offers considerable advantages for a year-round supply of perishable food […]

Cold Chain in Meat and Poultry transport

“To guarantee a healthy fresh product, the time of transportation from producer to consumer must be as short as possible. Not only time is important to guarantee a fresh product. Wrap the product in newspaper as an insulator, place the […]

Major Issues in Supply Chain of Fruits and Vegetables

January 16, 2018 India’s Diverse climate ensure availability of all varieties of fresh fruits & vegetables. It ranks second in fruits and vegetables production in the world. India’s fruits, vegetable production in 2016-17 seen marginally higher at 287 million tones. […]

Preventive Maintenance for three major Cold Storage Facilities

February 7, 2018 Each facility in Cold Storages require proper maintenance. However certain operational problems cannot be avoided unless daily & monthly maintenance checks in three facilities of Cold Storages that facilities are: Cold Room Refrigeration System Cold Room Doors […]

Challenges in Seafood Cold Chain

May 7, 2018 Demanding logistics requirements combined with difficult weather and environmental conditions make seafood logistics especially challenging. As spoilage of fish begins right from the time it is caught, proper storage, preservation and quick disposal are crucial. Some of […]

How Big Data Can Change the Way We Buy Insurance

Factors like erratic and spiky driving – harsh acceleration and harsh braking adherence to planned routes and driving patterns – journey planning and JRM (Journey Risk Management), continuously driving without a minimum duration rest break, night driving, working hours, including driving […]