Frigor Express, a Belgian Cold Chain Transport services Providers, enters into partnership with Fresh Connection

Fresh Connection and FrigorExpress have entered into a partnership. As from 1 September 2021,  will be working together in the fields of transport, warehousing and more”, as per press release published by fresh connection, the European experts on transport, storage and distribution of perishable products. Fresh Connection has worked across the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam […]

LocoNav’s Fleet Safety Analytics to Improve Safety and Transparency in Cold Chain Transport

Data has revolutionised the way the world functions. Technical and numerical analysis if anything and everything is possible with technology. It has introduced tremendous possibilities in all fields. The new Fleet Management System proposed by LocoNav is an example of how technology and real-time data acquisition can improve operations in the cold chain industry. “Fleet […]

Phononic Introduces First-of-its-kind Sustainable and Intelligent Actively-Cooled Tote

Phononic, a global sustainable cooling and heating service provider, announced that it will soon be launching its comprehensive solution for active, portable cooling and freezing of perishable goods; an Actively-Cooled Tote. Ultra light-weight and portable, the product will be available in refrigerator and freezer versions with ultra-low, non-toxic and non-inflammable GWP refrigerants. It is equipped […]

The Cool Logistics Global Conference will Take Place Online

Cool Logistics is the world’s leading global community network, B2B events and knowledge hub for perishables trade, logistics, refrigerated shipping and cold chain professionals. Its community of global professionals is active in cold supply chain operations and infrastructure, perishables trade, shipping, transport, logistics and technology. People across the industry come together to discuss and debate […]

Sitics Logistics Expands into International Logistics with Acquisition of Udgam Logistics, an Upcoming Start-up from Delhi

Sitics Logistic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has acquired the Delhi-based third-party logistics start-up Udgam Logistics in a deal mediated by BackWater Capital Advisors LLP in the past week. It is the second start-up acquisition by the emerging leader in the logistics industry after it acquired Quifers, a promising logistics tech startup.  Udgam Logistics Pvt Ltd is […]

Trans-Bridge Freight Services Vanguards the Shift towards a Sustainable Supply Chain with its First Carrier Transicold Vector HE 19 MT Unit

Pharmaceutical and healthcare distributor Trans-Bridge Freight Services has taken delivery of its first Carrier Transicold Vector® HE 19 MT (multi-temperature) unit as per reports from Carrier Transicold, heralding the start of a more sustainable future for the company’s temperature-controlled trailer fleet in the UK. The Vector HE 19 MT unit features Carrier Transicold’s E-Drive™ all-electric […]