Brad McNamee

Brad McNamee, President, Warehouse Rack & Shelf, LLC, St. Louis, MO

Wire Decking: Reduce Fire Hazards, Increase Safety

“Warehouses across the country are retrofitting wood decks with wire decks and you should too. Not only for the safety features, but the other great benefits as well! ” –Brad McNamee, President, Warehouse Rack & Shelf, LLC Out with old and in with the new – gone are the days of hazardous wood decks and pallet support. With an increased emphasis […]

Two ways to increase density, efficiency and safety in warehouse coolers & freezers

“Investing in your racking system will help you maximize your cold supply chain management. Working with coolers and freezers can be daunting, but the right infrastructure will make all the difference”-Brad McNamee, President, Warehouse Rack & Shelf, LLC As a warehouse manager, you’re always looking to maximize storage density and handling efficiency while maintaining safety. Working with coolers and freezers is […]