Hot Chocolate in your Cold Chain?

Cold Chain Fever – 2 Transporting ice-cream and chocolates, both very high value-for-weight products has always been challenging. The smallest deviation in temperature during storage or transport alters the flavour, texture, feel and shape and directly impacts the sellability of these products. While ice-cream producers are sensitive to temperature discipline, chocolatiers rarely pay attention to their […]

Cold Storage Turns to Technology

September 22, 2017 “It isn’t every day that a new product or method comes along to improve the operations of large commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, so when something does hit the market that can radically change their business, people take notice”  Technological advances in automation and data-driven management have paved the way for improved […]

Data Logger’s importance

For temperature monitoring of perishable food and beverage products such as meat and milk, wireless data loggers can be deployed alongside these enclosures or next to exposed access points whose reliability is a concern.  Safeguarding your wireless Access points in cold storage areas is critical to maintain your wireless network and protect your products using […]

Next Generation Cold Chains – How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is leap frogging the Cold chains of India

Intelligence in logistics and shipping has become a center-stage kind of focus within supply chain management in the recent years. Faster and more accurate shipping reduces lead times and transportation expenses, adds elements of environmental friendly operations, reduces labor costs, and — most important of all — widens the gap between competitors- Vivek Tiwari, CTO & Co-founder, Once thought to be […]