PCM – A Prescription for Precise Temperature Control- By Mr. Samit Jain, Director, Pluss Polymers

By Mr. Samit Jain, Director, Pluss Polymers Are the medicines made to save lives are themselves safe? The growing number of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and the globalization of manufacturing sites have increased the complexity of distribution. This complexity is pressurizing the cold chain stakeholders to continuously innovate and improvise upon the existing solutions. The most critical […]

White Paper – Sustainable Industrial Refrigeration using Phase Change Materials

Introduction There is an ever increasing need for refrigeration for chilling, cooling and freezing of food at large due to the increase in food production, need for reduction in food spoilage and a large demand for frozen foods. These applications due to their high criticality need continuous un-interrupted operation. If you are a CEO of […]

Integrated Safety Management Thru RMP/PSM Regulations on Ammonia Refrigeration Installations

With the growing market in the field of cold chain industries and to cater for the new generations of talent it is our responsibilities and challenge to ensure effective knowledge transfer to our industry’s new participants are conveyed. These new comers need to get familiar with regulatory bodies concerned with worker & public safety such […]

Ground-breaking zero-emission cold and power technology begins trials

July 5, 2015 By Mr. Toby Peters, Founder & Senior Group Managing Director, Dearman A revolutionary zero-emission refrigeration system for transportation applications, developed in the UK, which delivers both power and cooling from liquid nitrogen, has begun on-vehicle testing. The system, which features a liquid nitrogen powered Dearman engine, has already produced promising results and […]

Inspecting building insulation, HVAC systems and refrigeration units with thermal imaging

Oct. 2, 2016 “Building inspectors have been using FLIR thermal imaging cameras for energy audits for decades, but the investment cost prevented many building and installation companies from buying one. In recent years increasingly affordable models have entered the market. One of the building professionals that leaped at the opportunity is Björn Blomgren of the […]

Solutions for safety & Visual communication on ammonia refrigeration facilities

July 4, 2017 The risks involved with ammonia refrigeration are substantially reduced by EPA’s Risk Management program (RMP) and preventive maintenance. Part of that process is clear labeling of incorporated pipes and equipment. As the accepted industry experts in this field, the IIAR maintains a code of recommendations for refrigeration equipment labeling- Manuchehr Mehdizadeh, BSME Project […]