Automation is necessary for Cold Storage Operations

The human body is developed to work at normal room temperature and not to work in sub-zero temperatures, yet the majority of frozen food and cold storage operations conduct warehousing activities completely manually with high personnel turnover in these types of facilities due to the chilly temperatures. These manual operations pose operational and logistical challenges […]

High Performance, Energy Efficient Insulated Panels for Cold storages

“Many people don’t know that meat and fish have different freezing requirements to maximize the preservation time. These cold storage units have special meat freezers, chambers for freezing hamburgers and fish sticks, and chilled areas of the facility especially for shell fish.” – Mr. Payounidhi Tamotia, President- Sales and Marketing, Kingspan Jindal Pvt. Ltd. Cold […]

PEB: Trending in Cold Storage

With PEB concept, Cold storage can be exceptionally outlined and manufactured according to client and industry prerequisites, It is most appropriate from little to substantial multifacility storage system.The Cold storage can be Designed , Fabricated and Installed with keeping up the temperature of the items ideal from collecting till the item comes to the consumer […]

Cold Storage Doors-Operation

October 24, 2017  Here is the dilemma for facility food processing/handling facility managers—do you cover the doorway with a thick panel door and slow down material handling, or compromise the environment to enable fast traffic flow? Cold storage facilities require an extremely durable and reliable door that can open and close hundreds of times a […]

Two ways to increase density, efficiency and safety in warehouse coolers & freezers

Nov. 24, 2017 “Investing in your racking system will help you maximize your cold supply chain management. Working with coolers and freezers can be daunting, but the right infrastructure will make all the difference”-Brad McNamee, President, Warehouse Rack & Shelf, LLC As a warehouse manager, you’re always looking to maximize storage density and handling efficiency while maintaining safety. Working with coolers […]