In Conversation with Mr. Prateek P. Jalan, Founder & CEO, Prospera Transpora- An Associate Company of Sati Enterprises

February 23, 2018 “With companies and the government both investing heavily into the cold-chain industry, as well as the growing awareness amongst customers with regard to the importance of quality and temperature controlled transportation, the industry in the coming 5-10 years is going to grow significantly” For the uninitiated, how did you come to start […]

Challenges in Seafood Cold Chain

May 7, 2018 Demanding logistics requirements combined with difficult weather and environmental conditions make seafood logistics especially challenging. As spoilage of fish begins right from the time it is caught, proper storage, preservation and quick disposal are crucial. Some of the key challenges across the supply chain include: ​1. Inadequate cold storage and transportation facilities: Inadequate […]

Next Generation Cold Chains – How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is leap frogging the Cold chains of India

Intelligence in logistics and shipping has become a center-stage kind of focus within supply chain management in the recent years. Faster and more accurate shipping reduces lead times and transportation expenses, adds elements of environmental friendly operations, reduces labor costs, and — most important of all — widens the gap between competitors- Vivek Tiwari, CTO & Co-founder, Once thought to be […]