Creative Services

Complementing the production of ColdChainManagement, Digital magazines, White Papers, Web-Portal utilities those same production skills to offer a full and bespoke range of editorial, design or marketing materials via our ColdChainManagement Creative Services division.

For further information on how we can work with you in providing a plethora of completely flexible and customisable production services – ranging from logos, digital branding, adverts, presentations, newsletters, press releases, reports, websites and everything in between – please get in touch to discuss in further detail what we can create for your business.


A vast portion of our magazines comprise advert packages created, in-house, by our design team; tailored to the specific requirements and branding of each enterprise.

We can also apply this same collaborative process to create adverts of all sizes and specifications for your own personal use in outside publications or in your own marketing materials. And of course, this can be achieved across digital, print, interactive and web banner platforms.


The cornerstone of ColdChainManagement Publishing’s service offering since the very beginning has been the production of bespoke company brochures, featuring top quality editorial, illustration, advertisements and infographics driven by each business’ success story, and the executives narrating it. Once again, we can supply this same service for either digital or print purposes to whichever requirements you need; whether it’s your organisation’s life story from start to finish, or a condensed brochure customised for a specific, significant event, product or service.


If you need a website that has great functionality, formulated to the highest design standards, then we can offer you an online presence befitting of your industry standing, bringing the essence and core of your business to the page. Every site we build will have a clean and modern design that can only derive from a strong collaborative approach, to ensure you receive the desired result. With a strong emphasis on effortless site navigation, aesthetic merit and multi-platform functionality in line with SEO considerations, we will maximise your budding site’s potential

Logo Design & Corporate Identity

Having worked with some of the biggest names in global industry over the years, the need to both adhere to recognisable branding and to come up with new, innovative, striking designs is something we have achieved in equal measure across adverts, company brochures, media partnerships and marketing campaigns. We are therefore in a prime position to help you embark on any form of rebranding, corporate identity changes or logo redesigns. We can work closely with you to develop your existing brand, or to create a completely fresh look; adapting it to work across stationery, livery, signage and everything else.

Newsletters & Leaflets

Our in-house editorial team have years of industry experience across both digital and print platforms in producing clean, accurate, tailored content to the requirements of differing house styles, client specifications and marketing angles. The ability to create newsletters, pamphlets, leaflets, social media campaigns, reports, articles and much more is therefore right at the end of your phone or email, where we will happily collaborate with you from start to finish in order to get your words down on the page.