Dr. N.C. Saha

Innovation: The mechanism for sustenance

September 23, 2015 Innovation is a continuous process and innovative packaging has no limitation. It can be either for raw materials, conversion technologies, and process automation or for the final package– Dr. N.C. Saha, Director and Principal Executive Officer of Indian Institute of Packaging  With innovations is technology, more emphasis is being given to active […]

Despite cutting-edge technology already in motion in the dairy sector, the need for innovation and development initiatives is continuous

October 5, 2015 By Dr. N.C. Saha, Director & Principal Executive Officer, Indian Institute of Packaging According to a study carried out by Packaging Machinery Manufactures Institute, (PMMI), USA in 2013, the global milk production is estimated to grow from 692 million tonnes in 2010 to 827 million tonnes in 2020, a 19% increase. The […]