Manuchehr Mehdizadeh

Manuchehr Mehdizadeh , MD of Roxara Engineering , Houston , Tx (USA)

Benefits of Anhydrous Ammonia in Refrigeration Systems

BY MANUCHEHR MEHDIZADEH, BSME LIFE TIME MEMBER ASHRAE, COMMITTEE OFFICER @ IIR, REFRIGERATION CHAIR @ ASHRAE HOUSTON CHAPTER Ammonia Refrigeration Basics Refrigeration systems use basic physics to transfer heat energy out of one area and into another, leaving the first area cooler than it was before as in the cold store systems. Various ice production […]

Basics on Air Conditioning VRS Refrigeration

BY MANUCHEHR MEHDIZADEH, BSME LIFE TIME MEMBER ASHRAE, COMMITTEE OFFICER @ IIR, REFRIGERATION CHAIR @ ASHRAE HOUSTON CHAPTER Before I discuss the impact of refrigeration (or cold chain) industries in our daily lives, it is imperative that we briefly discuss the status of air conditioning industries in our daily lives too.  It is ironic that […]

A Brief on Food Safety

According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report of 2013, the global food wastage is estimated at 1.6 billion tons of “Primary” product which is equivalent to edible food wastage of  1.3 billion tons.  In an era where we are still faced with famine in certain countries, population growth, depleting natural resources, and consumer demand for non-preservative and […]

Commentary -Impact of temperature control for pharmaceutical & Biomedical Products

By Manuchehr Mehdizadeh, Design/Build Engineers, Houston, Tx (USA). Mission Critical : Solving temperature control for pharmaceutical applications requires techniques perhaps more complex than those used for data centers and food storage facilities. Given the case of pharmaceutical , where India is the world’s third largest pharmaceutical producers , the impact is critical as even a […]

CASE STUDY: An Innovative Upgrade for Odisha Ice Cream Making Facility

May 28, 2018 “This report was formulated & edited by Mr. M. Mehdizadeh [of Houston ,Tx (USA) email:] for Mr. Anand Joshi , Senior Partner ‘Manik Engineers’ who are the leading world class manufacturers (from Pune, India) of Valves, Controls & Monitoring Devices for the Industrial/Commercial Refrigeration & HVAC Industries. Mr Joshi is also […]

Solutions for safety & Visual communication on ammonia refrigeration facilities

The risks involved with ammonia refrigeration are substantially reduced by EPA’s Risk Management program (RMP) and preventive maintenance. Part of that process is clear labeling of incorporated pipes and equipment. As the accepted industry experts in this field, the IIAR maintains a code of recommendations for refrigeration equipment labeling- Manuchehr Mehdizadeh, BSME Project Advisor-All aspect of […]