Pharma Logistics

Global pharmaceutical markets are in the midst of major discontinuities. While growth in developed markets will slow down, emerging markets will become increasingly important in the coming decade. The Indian pharmaceuticals market, along with the markets of China, Brazil and Russia, will spearhead growth within these markets. The Indian Pharmaceutical industry The Indian Pharmaceutical industry […]

Cold Chain Management for Clinical Trial Materials

The growth in the bio-pharmaceutical market combined with the complexity of the clinical supply chain and global regulatory environment require that all supply chain partners are aware of appropriate regulations, local requirements, Pharmacopeial standards, and industry best practices related to the storage, handling and distribution of temperature-sensitive products. Regulatory guidance and inspectional trends demonstrate a focus on Good Cold Chain Management Practices. All partners should have the distinct common goal in terms of ensuring that each patient and site is supplied with the correct medication at the right time and in the right condition: By M Z Khaleeli, Commercial Director, Y M Shantala, QA Manager at Pharmaleaf India (P) Limited

Commentary -Impact of temperature control for pharmaeutical & Biomedical Products:

Mission Critical : Solving temperature control for pharmaceutical applications requires techniques perhaps more complex than those used for data centers and food storage facilities. Given the case of pharmaceutical , where India is the world’s third largest pharmaceutical producers , the impact is critical as even a slight drift of  0.5C temperature change can effect […]